A pterygium is a growth that develops on the conjunctiva that covers the white part of your eye. It’s a benign or noncancerous growth that’s often shaped like a wedge. In some cases, a pterygium can extend to the cornea. This is the clear part of your eye that covers your iris and pupil. A pterygium usually doesn’t cause problems or require treatment, but it can be removed if it interferes with your vision.

Symptoms of a pterygium include redness, itching, foreign body sensation, tearing, and pain. In addition, a pterygium may also cause blurry vision by altering the natural curvature of the cornea.


At Aditi eye care, the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. After the pterygium is removed, you surgeon may replace it with conjunctival tissue (conjunctival auto graft). Using this type of an approach will greatly reduce the likelihood of recurrence. In addition, the usage of a graft promotes healing so that your eye may regain its natural appearance.