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Dr. Aditi Adsule is an Eye Specialist & Lasik Surgeon in Wakad. She provides comprehensive eye care services ranging from routine eye-care tests, Laser Vision correction surgery and Phacoemulsification surgery for Cataract to treatment of the most complex vision and eye-related problems, such as Macular degeneration, Glaucoma, and Diabetic eye disorders.

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Aditi Eye Care

The eye is the most important sensory organ of the body. It is the window to the world. It plays an important role in acquiring knowledge and invention of new advancements.

Thanks to the new and latest technologies like micro-incision, high precision cataract surgeries, laser and ultrasound waves converted to the mere conventional treatments to near natural restoration of the structural and functional integrity of eyes.

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What Our Patients Say.......

  • Doctor listened to my problem carefully. Gave advice and medications which helped me from very next day. I would recommend this doctor for any eye related issues.
  • Visited Dr Aditi for my 4 yrs daughters complain of headace. Appointment started on time.Location was easy to identify.clinic was neat and tidy.Doctor was friendly and good listener.She ensured my daughter was comfortable while checkup.*** ********** *** *** ******* *** **** *****overall everything was very structured.highly recommended.

  • Happy with Treatment satisfaction

    My experience was quite satisfying. Doctor was not in a hurry during the checkup, was well informed and the fee was also reasonable. She suggested the correct tests and my treatment is going in a right direction. I would highly recommend other eye patients to Dr. Aditi Adsule.

  • I have been regularly visiting Dr. Aditi for monitoring my cataracts. Experience every time is always good. I'm getting a precise advice about development of my cataracts and now can properly plan my surgery with confidence, notwithstanding my diabetes condition.

  • The appointment was on time and the consultation was satisfactory. Prescribed efficient eye drops and medicine.
  • There was a free camp going on and Dr. Aditi didn't charge us for consultation as there was a free camp going on. Also she still took sufficient time to understand the problem.
  • I been to clinic for my daughter's eye checkup. She is 10 year old and having reserved nature. Doctor made her feel comfortable to talk. Did not show any sign of completing activities hurriedly. Found to be eager to discuss the issue, queries. My daughter like the visit.

  • A very good doctor and the medicine she recommend worked immediately. Really helpful to get the eye infection cured.